Trial Lawyers Group President to Speak at Federalist Society Convention


As a long-time active member of and donor to the Federalist Society, I was excited to see that the theme for this year’s National Convention on November 18-20 is, “Controlling Government: The Framers, the Tea Parties and the Constitution,” and I noticed that the last Showcase Panel, on November 20, will discuss Ideas for Structural Change: Term Limits, Reviving the Right to Civil Jury Trial, Moving Administrative Law Judges to Article III, and Others. I contacted the Society’s leadership and persuaded them to invite C. Gibson Vance, a partner at the firm of Beasley, Allen, Crow, Methvin, Portis & Miles, PC and current President of the American Association for Justice, to that panel. This is the first time that a President of the largest trial lawyers’ group in the world has been invited to participate in the National Convention at the Federalist Society, and I hope Gibson’s appearance draws wide interest and press coverage. As you can see from his bio, his life has been a true example of the American Dream, having worked starting in his teen years and all the way through law school. I predict that attendees to the panel will see a side of the plaintiffs’ bar that they won’t get in the mainstream media, and they just might be surprised at what Gibson says on this important topic. The Federalist Society’s leadership deserves kudos for reaching out to AAJ and inviting Gibson to appear on the panel.