Riddle Of The Day – Why Should Children Solve It?


Riddles play a significant role in the life of children as they can take many benefits. Parents and teachers always share riddle of the day with children for their better growth. They can develop so many skills and also improve the mental strength. They can enjoy a plethora of advantages, and some of them are described in the further article.

Pure fun

Solving the riddles is great fun because there are many funny riddles, which make us laugh. Usually, children crack such puzzles because they can entertain a lot and have a good time.

An amazing experience

By solving the puzzle, we can get a sense of satisfaction. This is a great feeling and makes us happy for the whole day. If you are unable to solve the puzzle, then don’t worry and try again. Make more and more attempts until you get the perfect answer.

Improve the productivity

By solving the riddles, we can also improve the productivity as we can work for more time than regular. This activity offers a relaxed mind and keeps us away from the hustle bustle of the hectic life. It will also help in getting clear thinking.


We can share the riddles with anyone because these are incredibly portable. We just need to carry the Smartphone as we are living in the modern era and we can get information related to anything on the internet.

Brain health

In order to answer the puzzle, it is crucial to pay the proper attention to the statement or question. It helps a lot in improving the concentration level. In fact, it also makes the brain more alert and sharp. Thus, solving puzzles is the ideal way for getting the healthy brain.

Problem solving skills

By solving the issue of the riddle, children can also get the chance of improving problem solving skills. This ability is important for them in their entire life as they also started adopted such skill in the routine life. They can understand the tricks to solve any issue.

Apart from these, if we talk about the adults, then they can also improve the confidence level as well as the IQ. They can also take many advantages so they should also play the riddles in the free time of day. With the help of this, they can also get help in meditation and increasing productivity at work.