Quick Fat Loss Tips that Work


Quick Fat Loss Tips can be really effective. We selected for you those easy to remember, easy to follow, and proven Fat Loss Tricks :

Strengh Training and More Proteins

By making or maintaining muscle, your Weight Loss won’t make you Fat AND Skinny.

  • Go to the gym and ask your coach for Strengh Training

Cardio Training

Burning fat will mean more fat loss. Straight.

  • Best aim Elliptical Trainer 45mn thrice or four times a week for optimal fat loss.

Move at each Opportunity

Even slow walk. This will facilitate your fat loss because moving is a natural way to eliminate toxins and fat.

  • Walk when you go somewhere
  • If you don’t go to the gym, schedule a 20 minutes walk every day

Avoid Bad Fats and Sugars

Banish what would replace the fat you want to unstock. They COUNTER your Fat loss.

  • Free your environment of them,
  • and buy only healthy food.


Green Drinks, Tea, or the easiest : Water. This will make you feel satiated and force your metabolism to use the fat already present in your body, rather than from more food (which would actually just stock more fat).  Also, this water with Phen24 is used to eliminat fat.

  • Drink Water instead of eating or drinking something else.
  • Avoid sodas and alcohol AT ALL COSTS.

Eat moderately every 3 hours

This will induce a lot of effects making fat loss easier.

  • Schedule a moderate (=half) meal every three hours in your day.

Lose Fat just by Sleeping

Easy one, isn’t it ?

  • Go to bed early (10pm)
  • without eating sugar or heavy/rich meals within the previous 3 hours,
  • and sleep at least 7 hours to maximize fat loss


Stress hormon (namely Cortisol) is a muscle breakdown hormon.

  • So avoid it : smile, take breaks to relax yourself, get perspective, and please yourself.

Eat Some Junk/Normal Food

Yes, counter intuitive, but it has a positive impact on fat loss.

  • Eat normally on a regular basis. 1 to 3 times a week, except bad Fat and Sugars, eat what you like (always in a moderate quantity).

I hope you enjoyed those Quick & Easy Fat Loss Tricks. Enjoy them even more by applying them !