Podcasts on Unconstitutionality of Federal Tort Reform


I want to post links to podcasts of two interviews I’ve recently done on the unconstitutionality of federal tort reform.

The group ‘Let America Know’ interviewed me for their July 12 “You Should Know” newsletter, sent to 50,000 subscribers. In the podcast, I summarized the Founding Fathers’ writings, assertions by legal experts on the unconstitutionality of federal caps on medical malpractice damages and other tort reform measures, and the impact of Texas medmal limits. For regular readers of my work, there’s nothing new, but if someone wants a 15-minute summary of everything I’ve do, this podcast will do nicely (MP3 file). Please note that I recorded the interview before the Supreme Court’s Obamacare decision, so it doesn’t reflect the substantial impact of that ruling on this issue. LAK was founded by Art Kosieradzki, a practicing attorney in Minneapolis, and now partners with state trial lawyer associations and the American Association for Justice, one of my clients, to teach Americans about the civil justice system and Seventh Amendment right to a civil jury trial.

I was interviewed on July 10 by Terry Lowry for his nationally syndicated ‘What’s Up’ program, heard weekdays on 12 radio stations and on Sirius Channel 131, Family Talk Radio, to discuss the post-Obamacare landscape for federal tort reform (MP3 file). That program is the only nationally broadcast program on radio or TV to regularly defend and discuss our constitutional right to a jury trial for civil rights and deserves our support.

I want to thank LAK and Terry Lowry for their invitations to discuss these issues and hope readers will distribute the podcasts nationwide, especially in this election year.