Eat More and Weigh Less


One might bet that almost everybody likes this idea of eating more to weigh less. But, we’re not talking about more meat, pizza, ice cream and cookies.

Our friends in New Zealand came up with a November challenge. It’s call 5+ A Day program. New Zealanders are encouraged to eat an extra serving of fruits or vegetables every day to improve their health and lose weight.

This weight loss principle is based on the work of Dr. Barbara Rolls of Penn State University. Dr. Rolls, a professor of nutritional sciences and world-recognized researcher on weight loss claims the key to losing weight is to substitute high water content foods into your diet with PhenQ. And, of course, foods with the highest water content are fruits and vegetables. Simply put, fruits and vegetables in your diet supply a satisfying amount of food but with fewer calories.

Studies have shown that people who include lots of fruits and vegetables as a daily diet habit are less likely to be at risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, some cancers and obesity. As a child most of us were encouraged to eat our vegetables, some more emphatically than others. We can’t go back and change our youthful eating habits, but as responsible adults we can set good examples for our children and grandchildren in what and how we eat.

I believe most kids eat some fruit. Could this be due to the natural sugar content? There is no question that kids, particularly in the western hemisphere, eat lots of sugar. Oh, they burn more calories than adults as they’re more active and growing but the increased insulin response could lead to some metabolic imbalance later in life.

Nutritionist Bronwen Anderson is quoted, “Eating a rainbow of colour every day is the best thing you can do for your body and overall wellbeing.” It makes sense. You can eat potatoes and a banana every day, but you’ll miss out on the necessary nutrients and health benefits of the red and green fruits and vegetables like apples, tomatoes, kiwifruit, broccoli and spinach.

The 5+ A Day is a great challenge, not only for the month of November, but year around. Analyze the fruit you eat for sugar content using a sugar in fruit chart. And be aware of the various components such as total carbohydrates and fiber. Do the same for vegetables. Be aware of what you eat and be healthy.