Dear John Stossel The 7th Amendment Trial Lawyers Probably Saved Your Life


An open letter to John Stossel at Fox News:

Read your column in the Washington Examiner in which you took off on trial lawyers and said that “for the majority of us, they make life much worse.” Guess you’re doing the same tonight on Fox News. Too bad you didn’t ask the trial lawyers’ national association, the American Association for Justice, if they have examples of how trial lawyers have improved Americans’ way of life in some area (I asked them – they’re my clients – and they said you didn’t call). So much for objective journalism. Too bad you didn’t think about balancing the business community’s screams about trial lawyers with a recognition that the 7th Amendment to the Constitution enables consumers hurt by products that kill them to take the issue to court. Funny, I’ve never seen a juror enter a jury box and come out of it with his arm twisted behind his back. See, I trust my Constitution and I trust juries. So much for 232+ years of Constitutional law (you do remember the Founding Fathers, don’t you, John) and your self-righteous and uninformed indignation.

Anyway, this image downloaded from the AAJ website (any Fox News intern could have found it) gives you a clear example of how the 7th Amendment right to a jury trial for civil suits has made significant improvements in the safety of the car you drive today. Air bags, seat belts, and side door protection are just some of the features in the car that YOU DRIVE TODAY that came about thanks to lawsuits filed under the 7th Amendment.

Now face it John, as a red-blooded American male, you’ve certainly run some red lights, busted some speed limits, and slammed on your brakes. So my guess is that all those lawsuits over defective auto safety, filed by the surviving families of killed and/or injured victims and their trial lawyers, have probably saved your life at one time or another. Think about that. And next time do your homework before you do an inaccurate, slanted hit piece on some other profession somewhere that saves lives.

P.S. That doctor you quoted in your article – the one moaning about the source of unnecessary procedures? – doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He didn’t do his research either, and, of course, you never challenged his assertion. That’s in my next letter.